Junior Tennis Program

TCI Pro Tennis Academy provides a development program officially sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). We use modified courts, racquets and balls to best suit the age and ability of your child. The program is based on a ‘learning through play’ philosophy where children progress through stages (red, orange and green) to develop technically and tactically in an environment that is fun and stimulating. Rey’s enthusiasm and unique ability to bring out the best in children is borne out in the multitude of games, drills and exercises he introduces on court.

Whether your child is new to tennis or is aiming to one day turn pro, we have the program for you!

Baby Tennis (3-5 yrs)  Tennis is introduced at a young age through a variety of games focusing on basic ball skills, hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Children are encouraged to participate in a fun and creative environment with their imagination stimulated by the numerous props and challenges.

Mini Tennis Club (5-10 yrs)  Come and join us on Saturday mornings for mini tennis involving modified mini courts and specially designed balls appropriate to the size and ability of our future stars. Mini Tennis is not only a lot of fun but children learn to play the game and even keep the score while competing in short format matches.

After School Tennis (4-17 yrs)  The after school program runs weekdays from 3:30 pm onwards, with children encouraged to attend 2-3 one hour sessions per week. Children are evaluated and placed into groups based on age and skill-level to ensure competitive sessions: a variety of drills and games focussing on fitness, stroke play and tactical awareness helps groom children for matches and tournaments.

The best talent in the After School Program is chosen for the Junior Provo Elite group to train 5 days a week. The idea is to develop a team capable of representing TCI by competing against the best of regional countries in tours and attending tournaments both abroad and locally.

Private Lessons

One on one lessons provide individual attention for those looking to take their tennis more seriously. You will be able to hit a lot more balls and develop your game much faster than during group sessions. Let us help iron out problems in your technique or game strategy – sometimes it just takes a tweak to produce the magic.

We also offer packages for multiple lessons and will try our best to find a timeslot to suit your schedule.

Peak Performance Program

This program focuses on juniors and adults who play at the highest level. Our head coach Rey is certified as a Peak Performance ITF Level 3 coach. He employs a scientific approach through the understanding of biomechanics and can develop your game by increasing your output with the least amount of input or energy expended. Rey believes there is a ‘perfect formula’ for each stroke which will allow you to maximise your individual potential. Through the use of physical training and breathing exercises, video analysis and peak performance drills, Rey will take your game to the next level.

Turks and Caicos Islands afford unparalleled scenic conditions, fantastic accommodation and the perfect getaway to refresh your game mentally too. Is there a better place in the Caribbean to train? We doubt it!

Junior Masters Training  Join our elite group of local and international juniors who are looking to turn pro. Live, learn and train with the best.

Pro Performance Training  Come and train under Rey’s watchful eye - sometimes it just takes a technical tweak here and there to bring out the magic in your game.

Adult Tennis Program

Tennis is a fantastic sport which can be played from a young age, throughout adulthood and right into retirement. The game is suitable for all shapes and sizes and can be played all year round. It’s never too late to learn and develop your skills – why not pick up a racquet and join us for a fun way to keep fit and healthy?

“Need a break from your hectic weekly work schedule?” “Looking to get on court while visiting on holiday?” “Are you searching for a new fitness routine?” “Keen on developing your tennis skills?”

At TCI Pro Tennis Academy we have the program for you!

Cardio Tennis – Wednesdays – Fridays, 8:30 am.  Cardio tennis is a high energy fitness workout which combines cardiovascular exercises with tennis drills in a fun and social format. This is a great way for newcomers to learn the game and for established players to work on their skills while simultaneously keeping fit.

Circuit (drill) Tennis – weekday mornings.  This high intensity workout is a step up from cardio tennis, combining on-court physical training exercises with tennis hitting drills in a non-stop circuit format which will leave you exhausted but coming back for more! Expect to be pushed to your limits...

Social Clubs – Mondays, 6:30 pm.  We welcome adults and juniors with a rating of over 3.5 (see here for USTA ratings) for a night of social matches where players mix in regularly for singles and doubles formats. Come and test yourself against a variety of opponents in a fun but competitive environment. Join us for a drink at the clubhouse afterwards.

Ladies Night – Tuesdays, 6:30 pm.  This ladies-only social group kicks off with basic footwork and stroke play drills directed at beginners and intermediate players. We play various games developing your skills before testing them out in match conditions using both singles and doubles formats.

Special Group Programs

Do you have friends interested in group lessons with special requests to focus on different areas of your game? Would you like to tweak the format or introduce new ideas? We are open to suggestions and can organise something to meet your needs.

Talent Recruitment Program

TCI Pro Tennis Academy visits local schools searching for natural talent and ability for recruitment to the After School Program. With the help of parents and sponsors, we aim to nurture and develop our home grown talent here in TCI.

Tennis Camps

Keep an eye out on this website and on our social media pages for notice of our next tennis camp. Come and spend 2-3 days developing your tennis skills in an awesome atmosphere with good friends!
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